Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu, İstanbul, Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi

Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu

Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi - İstanbul

Yüz Germe, Yüz Estetiği, Yüz Kırışıklıkları

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Maçka Caddesi No: 24 D: 28 Narmanlı Apartmanı, Nişantaşı  Şişli, İstanbul

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Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu, Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi alanlarında faaliyet göstermektedir. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu, kariyerine hangi hastanede devam ediyor ve iletişim bilgilerine bu sayfadan ulaşabilirsiniz.

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  • Öreroğlu AR, Özkaya Ö, Öztürk MB, Bingöl D, Akan M. Concentric-needle cannula method for single- puncture arthrocentesis in temporomandibular joint disease: an inexpensive and feasible technique. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2011 Sep;69(9):2334-8
  • Asfuroğlu Barutca S, Öreroğlu AR, Usçetin I, Kutlu N. Isolated congenital partial absence of the left lower lateral nasal cartilage: case report. Ann Plast Surg. 2011 Dec;67(6):662-4
  • Öreroğlu AR, Üsçetin İ, Aksan T, Orman Ç, Akan M. A Suggestion for the Preoperative Checklist of Plastic Surgery Operations. Turk Plast Surg. 2011 Sep/Dec;19(3):151-2
  • Öreroğlu AR, Üsçetin İ, Barutca S, Orman Ç, Karahangil M, Akan M. Contemporary Perforator Flap Variations Their Applications. Okmeydani Tip Derg. 2012 Jan;28(1):1-7
  • Öreroğlu AR, Üsçetin İ, Egemen O, Öztürk MB, Asfuroğlu S, Tatlıdede HS. Coexistent Cutaneous Tuberous and Tendinous Xanthomas in Traumatic Regions: A Case Report. Eur J Plast Surg. 2012 Apr; 35(4):325-327

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Yanak inceltme bişektomi operasyonunu uzun zamandır yaptırmak istiyordum. doktor Ali rıza bey’in İnstagram sayfasında bir kaç hastanın sonuçlarını gördüm ve biraz da internette araştırınca kendisinin yüz estetiği ihtisası olduğunu öğrendim ve muayeneye gittim. İşlemden biraz korkuyordum ama tahmin ettiğimden çok daha kısa sürdü kafamda biraz büyütmüşüm :) bir damla kan bile görmeden çok güzel yüz hatlarına sahip oldum :) 20-08-2018


Rinoplasti ameliyatım tam bir sürprizdi. İlk haftada çok fazla acı çekecem sanmıştım. Ameliyattan sonra hastanede kaldım. Hiç acım olmadı. Ertesi gün çok az acı ve çok az şişlik vardı. Sonraki günlerde şişlik de gitti ... Bu kadar kolay olmasını beklemiyordum, belki de vücudum hızla iyileşiyor. 10-07-2018


Making the decision to have a cosmetic surgery was quite a big deal for me. It took me months until I finally decided to have a breast implant. I had asymmetric breasts and always felt uncomfortable and self conscious. I saw Dr Ali's profile in this site and read some very good reviews. I contacted their clinic and they provided me with all the information I needed to know, and answered all my questions very patiently. It took me 2 months to decide, and what I admire the most is that unlike most clinics, they did not constantly follow up on me before deciding and left me to decide by myself. What made me choose Dr Ali was the wonderful results of patients he had operated. I even contacted one of them and we are still friends :) She also told me Dr Ali was the right choice and I felt completely assured. The planning was very smooth, everything was arranged for me. The surgery was very short and Dr Ali visited me both before and after the surgery. I was always accompanied by his staff and they were available any time I called. I have to say this was one of the best things I did for myself, I am the happiest woman and recommend this team to anyone considering a breast implant surgery. 27-06-2018


My journey with Dr Oreroglu and his team began when my cousin went for a breast implant surgery to Turkey. She came back 1 week later and immediately went back to work. I was amazed at the rapid recovery and called the clinic for information. I talked over the phone with Ayla, who is responsible for foreign patients. She explained the whole procedure and asked for my pictures for evaluation. Came back to me the next day with price and other details. All I know is I had a surgery the next month! I am super happy with the look of my breasts and feel much more confident. He gave me a full C and now they look and feel amazing. I would definitely go back to Dr Oreroglu for any other procedures. 26-06-2018


I had already done a nose job back in 2012 and the result was terrible. My nose had literally collapsed with little cartilage on the sides, and was assymetric from the front. Having had a bad experience the first time, I would not leave anything to luck this time. I visited Turkey for holidays, and during the trip I made appointments with some surgeons. I went through a lot of surgeons before deciding to go to Dr Oreroglu. What I liked about doctor Oreroglu and his team is that they are very professional and put patient comfort in the first priority. Dr Oreroglu explained all the procedures and the requirements of the rhinoplasty surgery. After the pre-surgical consultation, I got to know everything, all the possibilities and risks (as mine was a difficult case) and I had a good amount of time to decide. I visited other clinics too, and all of them gave promises that everything will be perfect and pushed me into booking for a surgery right there with discounts. Some surgeons didn't even let me explain what I want! All they said was, I am the doc I know everything. This over self confidence does nothing but demoralise the patient, at least this was the case for me. Dr Oreroglu listened to me patiently and perfectly understood what I wanted. He gave me real answers and told me clearly what to expect. The surgery was perfect, I am very happy with my new nose, I will definitely visit Dr Oreroglu if I need any other procedures and definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good surgeon. More than satisfied! 12-06-2018


I have not breastfed, I am still 35 yo but always had breasts of a 45 yo woman. I was very uncomfortable especially in the summer, plus I had started to develop back pain. I was never happy with the dresses I wore because my top part looked big. My journey started with Dr Oreroglu when I was searching for a good plastic surgeon for breast reduction. I saw some pretty impressived reviews about him and also had a very good energy from the clinic from the very beginning. The team is very energetic, give all details and are professional, they definitely know what they are doing..My surgery took 3.5 hours, I rested in the hospital overnight and after visiting the clinic 2 more times after surgery, left Istanbul 7 days after the operation. There were no stitches from the outside, I just had special strips on the incision places. During the 2 control sessions Dr Oreroglu changed the strips and gave me the instructions on how to handle the strips. I removed the strips myself after 1 month under their supervision, and was instructed on how to take care of the scar afterwards. Thankfully I am a good healer and with no stitches being removed from my body, I can say the recovery has been wonderful. I am still waiting to see the final result as Dr Oreroglu told me it takes 1 year for the final form. Overall, I am happy to have made this decision. 03-06-2018


Deciding to have a nose job is not an easy thing to do. There are so many surgeons and so much information on the internet, at one point I was completely confused. What I have learnt is that reference is definitely the best way to choose your surgeon. My friend had a surgery with Dr Ali two years ago. I had the chance to see all the recovery stages and of course, the result :) I also researched about Dr Ali and realised he is well educated in this field and has a natural style in his surgeries. I am 3 weeks post op, the swelling is gone, I can finally breathe after 34 years and I love my nose and my Doc :) 02-06-2018


After an unsuccessful nose surgery 5 years ago in the UK, I was very unhappy with my nose and had developed breathing problems. I did some research and found out that turkey is among the top plastic surgery countries. I had never visited turkey before, so this would be a chance to plan a nice trip as well as solve my problem. I searched for plastic surgeons in Turkey and realised Istanbul is the heart of plastic surgeries. So narrowing my search I came up to Dr Ali. I was impressed by the results of his surgeries and decided to book for a surgery. His foreign patient coordinator Ayla gave me recommendations on how to plan my trip. She asked me to do all the sightseeing and touristic activities before the surgery. So I travelled to Istanbul, fell in love with the city! And had my surgery. Since Dr Ali had good experience in secondary patients I was sure everything would be fine. The surgery took place 1 week after my arrival, and I remained in Istanbul for post op controls for another week. It was one of the best experiences I had, seeing this beautiful and amazing city and getting to know Dr Ali and his wonderful team. I have a perfect nose which looks pretty natural and could not be happier! Feeling wonderful again! 31-05-2018


I had a nose job with Dr Oreroglu more than a year ago. I had a large nose with a hump and had breathing difficulties. I found his clinic during my research and many positive reviews and a friendly voice over the phone made me closer to this doctor. His international patient coordinator Ayla makes sure you receive all the information you need and is very patient during all the stages of the surgery. After travelling to Turkey and meeting Dr Oreroglu I was sure I made the right decision. He has an aesthetic eye and is very talented. Now I love my new nose and can breathe much more easily, thanks to him! A professional team and a wonderful doctor, I definitely recommend to anyone thinking of a nose job. 29-05-2018


geçen ay meme büyütme ameliyatı oldum!! yeni nesil protez taktı doktorum 1 gece hastane de kaldım, drenim yoktu, ertesi gün evde istirahat ettim 3. gün işe başladım. Daha ne olsun :) teşekkürler doktorum 29-05-2018


2 hafta önce Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu'na burun estetiği oldum, geçen hafta atelim çıkarıldı sonuç muhteşem hafif şişliklerim olsada şuan bile çok iyi görünüyor teşekkürler 29-05-2018


Uzun zamandır doktor beyi instagramdan takip ediyorum ve 1 ay önce kendisi tarafından meme büyütme ameliyatı oldum. Silikon seçimimi tamamen doktor bey'in deneyimine bıraktım, sonuçta benim istediğim ve benim için önemli olan doğal, vücuduma orantılı bir sonuçtu. Bana yeni nesil silikon önerdi vücutta en doğal duran silikonmuş. Ameliyat tekniği kas zarı altı diye geçiyormuş daha önce duymamıştım ama muayenede bana detaylıca anlattı. Bu teknik sayesinde iyileşme sürecim çok kısa oldu, hastanede 1 gece kaldım ama ağrım çok azdı diyebilirim. Dikişler tamamen içten yapıldı ve dışarıdan hiç dikiş yoktu! 1 ay ameliyat izimin olduğu bölge bantlı kaldı. Bantlarla duş alabildim gayet rahattı. Hocama çok teşekkür ediyorum özellikle sabrı için zor bir hastayım çünkü :) 28-05-2018


I had a facelift with Dr Ali around 2 months ago. The main reason I chose him was my friend Tina, who had the same operation last year with him. I had the chance to see all the stages of recovery and the final result and was sure Dr Ali had to be my doctor. Everything was planned very smoothly, the first 2 days are a bit of a challenge to be honest, but the result is definitely worth it. I was dizzy and had nausea at the first day, but my nurse Seval took care of me throughout the night she is the sweetest nurse..The next day I felt much better but had some swelling. Since Dr Ali had explained all the recovery stages I was ready for this. I was also pleased with the service that the staff had provided me before and after my facelift surgery. I believe no matter how good the doctor is, if the staff are not professional you will never feel comfortable. So a huge thumbs up to the team! 28-05-2018


I had planned to do a facelift surgery in austria but the prices were too high for my budget. After doing lots of research I found Dr Oreroglu in Istanbul who is well known for facelift surgeries. I sent an email to them and his foreign patient coordinator Ayla contacted me soon afterwards. She asked for my photos and after evaluation provided me with detailed information about the procedure, price and recovery stages. I wanted a mid facelift and after the evaluation Ayla told me Dr Oreroglu recommends a full facelift. She shared price for both procedures, details would be discussed face to face. When I travelled to Istanbul my transport and hotel were arranged, whiched helped a lot. The hotel was fairly close to the clinic, which made my transport easier considering Istanbul’s traffic! My first appointment with Dr Oreroglu was one day before surgery, which took 1.5 hours. He is very patient and has a very sharp eye for details. He explained what he had planned for me in very simple terms, and this helped me feel more secure as I knew exactly what will be done. I went for a full facelift! The next day I had my surgery, Dr Oreroglu visited me before the surgery and made marks on my face and made some jokes which really helped relieve my stress..I am happy with my new look I look and feel much younger and happier. I have ot lost my own look, its still me but younger! 26-05-2018


Due to my career I always work for long hours and have little sleep. This is why by age 48 I looked and felt like 58. Thanks to Dr. Oreroglu and his magical hands, I had regained my confidence and trust in myself after performing a Facelift surgery under his supervision. He designed a wonderful combination of mini facelift together with fat injection and lower eyelid surgery. I did a lot of research before deciding and was surprised that Dr Oreroglu performs lower eyelid surgery without incision. Me and my sister both had facelift surgery with Dr Oreroglu. His work is very natural and I cannot express how grateful I am since I look and feel much younger now. Many thanks to my doctor and his coordinator Ayla, who was very supportive and kind. 25-05-2018


I had a nose job with Dr Oreroglu 3 months ago. I never had a surgery before so I was very stressed. However Ms Ayla i the perfect companion from the beginning to the end of surgery. She assisted me with everything and was very honest about the doctor’s recommendations. I was also very comfortable with Dr Oreroglu he was very professional while explaining the surgery’s procedure and also didn’t put me under any stress. Performed a great surgery that made me so happy. Everything was arranged for me so I didn't worry about transport or hotel in Istanbul. The staff were amazing, the clinic was a warm atmosphere and feels more like a home rather than a clinic :) 24-05-2018


iki hafta önce Dr Ali Rıza Beye burun estetiği operasyonu oldum. Hem nefes alma sorunum vardı hem burun kemerim beni rahatsız ediyordu. Doktor Beye muayeneye gittim beni dinledikten sonra muayene etti ve yeni burnumun simulasyonunu çizdi. Ameliyat günü biraz stresliydim ekibi o anlamda çok yardımcı oldu. Ameliyatım 2 saat sürmüş, o geceyi hastanede geçirdim. Biraz mide bulantım vardı en zor kısmı ilk geceydi diyebilirim. Sonraki gün biraz ağrım vardı ve burnum şişmişti. Şişler çok hızlı indi ameliyattan 1 hafta sonra gayet iyiydim. Şu an değerlendirmek için biraz erken ama baktığım kadarıyla yeni burnumu çok seviyorum :) Doktor ali rıza bey ve ekibine teşekkürler. 23-05-2018


Yaklaşık 6 ay boyunca burun estetiği konusunda araştırdım. Seneler önce burnuma aldığım bir darbe yüzünden burnum kırılmıştı ve hem nefes alma sorunum vardı hem görüntüsünü hiç sevmiyordum. Ali Rıza Bey'e muayeneye gittiğimde özellikle korkularımdan bahsettim çünkü operasyondan çok korkuyordum. Bence bir hekim hastasını iyi dinlemeli, alirıza hoca da beni çok iyi dinledi ve mantıklı cevaplarla korkumu yenmemi sağladı. Ameliyatım 2.5 saat geçmiş, uyandığımda kendime gelmem biraz zaman aldı. İlk geceyi hastanede geçirdim, ilk gece biraz ağrım vardı. Ertesi gün burnum şişti ağrım daha azdı ve akşam taburcu oldum. Sonrası git gide daha rahat olmaya başladı atel çıkınca da iyice nefes alabildim eskide hiç alamadığım kadar. Şu an ameliyattan 3 hafta geçti şişlerim geçti dikkat ediyorum yine de. Doktorumdan çok memnunum her zaman bana karşı sabırlı ve açık olduğu için çok teşekkür ederim. 18-05-2018


Hiç tereddüt etmeden geldiğim klinik. Ali Bey’in yaptığı ameliyatların sonucunda hastaların memnuniyeti kendisine daha çok güvenmemi sağladı. Sonunda bende burun estetiği oldum. Gösterdiğiniz ilgi ve yeni yüzüm için öncelikle size, çalışanlarınıza ve ekibinize çok teşekkür ediyorum. Önümüzde ki ay 6.ay kontolüne geleceğim görüşmek üzere 16-05-2018


If you are looking for a perfect facelift surgery, then look for a well educated and trained surgeon. Dr Oreroglu perfected the art of natural cosmetic surgery. He was so concerned about the little. details which actually matters the most. He is a first-class surgeon and has a perfect team working for him. I am so so pleased with his work. 16-05-2018


2 yıldır göğüs estetiği ameliyatı düşünüyordum fakat hekimi bir türlü karar veremiyordum. Doktor Alirıza Beyi Instagramdan buldum biografisini okuyunca meme konusunda amerikada çok ünlü plastik cerrahlarla çalıştığını gördüm. Kliniğe gittiğimde 1 hafta önce meme estetiği operasyonu geçirmiş şimdi kontrole için gelen bir bayanla konuştum. Özel teknikler sayesinde iyileşme sürecinin çok rahat geçtiğini söyledi. Kararımı verdim, ameliyatım 1 saat sürdü uyandığımda memem de çok hafif bir ağırlık hissettim tam istediğim gibi 350 cc oldukça doğal memelere kavuştum. ameliyattan 3 gün sonra işe gittim çok rahat bir şekilde. Tüm süreç Ali Rıza Bey’in muayene de anlattığı gibi ilerledi ne eksik ne fazla. Sevgili doktoruma ve muhteşem ekibine çok teşekkür ediyorum. 15-05-2018


I am 38 yo female with 2 kids. After breastfeeding by breasts were completely gone and this made me very self conscious and sad. After deciding to have a breast enlargement surgery I found many good reviews about Dr Oreroglu and after seeing the photos his coordinator Ayla sent I was absolutely sure this was the correct place for me. I absolutely love my new appearance. He helped me in every step and he was so professional and I felt very comfortable with his staff. They answered all my questions and Dr Oreroglu made me realize what I actually needed rather than what I really wanted. He is very honest in providing his ideas and has a very natural and aesthetic eye. Thank you for giving me a great look. 15-05-2018


I was recommended to Dr. Oreroglu for rhinoplasty by a friend of mine and I understood why later on. He was very professional, listened to all of my requests and performed each one of them. His clinic is well designed, perfectly clean and his staff could not have been better. I felt comfortable and I was assured that I was in great hands to perform. I had a very smooth recovery much better than expected! Many thanks to my doctor and his team. Much better than expected! 15-05-2018


Love the results of my nose surgery with Dr. Oreroglu in Istanbul. Many thanks to Ayla, the coordinator who is very supportive in all stages of the process. Dr Oreroglu has a very aesthetic eye and is very sharp in understanding exactly what you want. Now I feel much more confident and happy. Many thanks to Dr oreroglu and his wonderful team! 15-05-2018


I am 35 yo female from england. I did a lot of research before deciding dr oreroglu's clinic. One thing that caught my eye is his double board certification. I learnt very few plastic surgeons in turkey have european board, and Dr Oreroglu is one of them. My entire process was incredible, I had minimal bruising and a very natural result. This was the best decision I had made in years, any thanks to Dr Oreroglu and his team! 09-05-2018


It might be a little bit early to indicate because I just had a facelift surgery 2 weeks ago with doctor Oreroglu and just returned back home. Even though I have some swelling, I can tell that the results would be great. The doctor and his staff were so professional and experienced. They answered all my questions and cared about my concerns and are still following up on me. At Dr Oreroglu you feel like a special patient with lots of attenion and care. 09-05-2018


I am a sales businessman with a lot of face to face negotiations. I always had a low self confidence due to my large nose, and believe a good-looking face states a statement about the person. I decided to do a rhinoplasty surgery with dr oreroglu after doing lots of research and reading the reviews. They do have a professional team and a foreign patient coordintor who makes all the arrangements very smoothly. What I loved about the doctor's style is that first of all he patiently listened to what I wanted and then explained what he is going to do and how will it affect my life and answered all my questions. He did a great job and has changed my self esteem. 09-05-2018


Araştırmalarım sonucunda karar verdiğim hekim. Verdiğim kararın doğru olduğunu ameliyat sonrası daha iyi anladım.Artık muhteşem bir buruna sahibim :) Ayrıca çalışanlarınızın hakkını yememek lazım hepsi çok ilgili ve güler yüzlü :) 09-05-2018


I found dr oreroglu while searching for nose surgery on the internet. The main reason for choosing this surgeon was that he has a strong background and is european board certified. After contacting the clinic the international patient corrdinator, Ayla sent me samples of previous surgeies and assisted me with accommodation and travel. I have a very satisfactory and natural result. Dr Oreroglu is a professional and trustworthy surgeon, and I would definitely choose the same doctor for other surgeries. 09-05-2018


I decided to do breast implant surgery in Turkey with Dr. Oreroglu after reading many positive feedbacks and reviews. I was still concerned a little bit, considering that I had not visited the clinic before and just read comments on the internet. However, I was so impressed with the surgery as a whole, the amount of knowledge that the doctor had and how well he understood my goals. He repeated them with me all the time and his staff were so helpful, respectful and kind. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with how the things were handled. 08-05-2018


I'm 57 years old, . My eyelids were very droopy and I had difficulty looking up since I could feel the heaviness of extra sagging skin. I did a lot of research and saw the good reviews of Dr Oreroglu and the fact that he has fellowship from the united states in facial aesthetics. I sent an email and got immediate response from the clinic's coordinator Ms Ayla. She got some informaton from me and asked for my photos. She called me a day later and discussed the surgery, also mentioning that the surgeon has recommended a lower eyelid surgery as well. I had never thought about it but it made sense as combining surgeries costs much lower than doing them separately. I accepted and we booked a surgery for me for about 5 weeks later. During this process Ms Ayla was very patient in answering all my questions and arranged hotel and transport herself. I absolutely love the result because it has made me look much younger. Plus the lower eyelid was definitely worth it since my surgeon used a special technique without any cuts and stitches! I would like to thanks Dr Oreroglu and his team, especially Ms Ayla for everything. 08-05-2018


I had to wait for another month until I could book a facelift surgery with Dr Oreroglu. They have an amazing system for arranging their surgeries and patients even at their busiest times. I was surprised to see that the doctor and his staff made me feel like I was their only patient. They were always there when I had any questions or any concerns. Checked on me daily after my procedure. I definitely would recommend them. 08-05-2018


Geçirdiğim burun estetiği operasyonun üzerinden tam 4 ay geçti ve size güvenimi inancımı boşa çıkarmadınız ilginiz için size çok teşekkür ediyorum artık daha mutlu ve huzurluyum 07-05-2018


Arkadaşım Ali Rıza Bey'e burun estetiği oldu çok doğal olmuş, ellerine sağlık. En kısa zamanda ben de gelip ameliyat olmak istiyorum. 30-04-2018


Ali Rıza Bey'e burun ameliyatı oluşumun üzerinden bir yıl geçti. Ameliyat olmaya karar vermeden önce çok düşündüm ve uzun süre araştırmalar yaptım. doktorumu instagram üzerinden keşfettim , burun ameliyatı olan başka bir hastasıyla tanıştım onun olumlu ameliyat süreci fikrimi hızlandırdı;muayene için gittiğimde kesin, kararlı, samimi konuşmaları beni cesaretlendirdi burnumun ameliyat sonrası nasıl olacağının planını gösterdi ve hatta güzel olacağını söyledi öylede oldu, doktor beyin kapalı ameliyat da yapıyor olması dikkatimi çekmişti ama benim için açık ameliyat uygun gördü . açık ameliyat olması dikiş izleri belli olacak kaygısı yarattı ama asla dikiş izi belli değil ameliyat sonrası beşinci gün atel ve tüm dikişler onuncu gün ise bantlar çıkmıştı morluk yoktu .burnumun estetik olduğunu kimse anlamıyor çok doğal ama ben hoşuma gittiği için bu durum kendim söylüyorum:)bir yıldır hiç bir sorun yaşamadım 32 yaşındayım ve hayatımdaki en büyük şans Ali Rıza Beyi bulmak düşünen herkese tavsiye edebilirim ;) hergün aynaya baktığımda ona dua ediyorum. her şey için sonsuz teşekkürler Sevgiler :) 09-03-2017


Burnum konusunda her zaman hassas ve takıntılı biriydim, bu kadar takıntılı biri oluncada haliyle ameliyata karar vermek zordu benim için. Doktor seçiminin önemli olduğununda farkındaydım. Ali rıza bey'e internette araştırma yaparken denk geldim ve sonradan gördüm ki birkaç tanıdığımda kendisine ameliyat olmuş, asistanından yaklaşık bir ay sonrası için randevu alabildim, muayeneye gittiğimde doğru yerde ve emin ellerde olduğumu hissettim hastasına yaklaşımı, enerjisi, titizliği ile kalbimide kazandı Ali Rıza Hoca :) ilk görüşmede ameliyat olmaya karar verdim 2. görüşmeye çağırıldım ve yüzüme ve isteklerime uygun bir burun tasarladık. Sonuç ise tatmin edici, isteklerime uygun ve en önemlisi çok doğalll.... Teşekkürler Sevgili Hocam. Sizi Seviyorumm :)))) 28-10-2016


Doktor Alirıza Bey'e Mayısta burun estetiği ameliyatı için gittim. Daha ilk muayenede işine hakim aynı zamanda hastayı çok iyi anlayan bir doktor olduğunu gördüm. İlk başta ameliyattan biraz korkuyordum ama doktor bey hasta psikolijisini çok iyi anlıyor. Kendisiyle bütün süreci konuştuktan sonra emin oldum ve kararımı aldım. 2 hafta önce burun estetiği ameliyatı oldum. Çok rahat bir ameliyat süreci geçirdim diyebilirim ve burnum tam istediğim gibi oldu. İyi ki sizi buldum iyi ki doktorum oldunuz hocam :) 25-06-2016


Bir arkadaşımın tavsiyesi ile Dr. Ali Rıza Bey’e rinoplasti için gittim. Muayeneye gitmeden önce çok korkuyordum ama nazik, samimi, tecrübeli ve ilgili bir hekim olduğunu görünce çok rahatladım. Operasyon sonrası iyileşme süreci tahminimden daha kısa sürdü ve sorunsuz ve rahat bir süreçti. Yeni burnumdan çok memnunum ve başta doktor Ali Rıza Bey olmak üzere bütün ekibe çok teşekkür ederim. 23-06-2016


Doktor Ali rıza Beye 1 ay önce burun ameliyatı oldum. Öncelikle güler yüzüyle ve samimiyetiyle hasta ile çok güzel bağ kuruyor. Muayenede sorduğum bütün sorulara ve aklıma takılanlara da içtenlikle cevap verdi, çok ilgili bir hekim. Ameliyattan sonra ise hiç bir sıkıntı yaşamadım ve sonucumdan çok memnunum, tam istediğim gibi oldu..kendisine ve ekibine sonsuz teşekkürler.. 21-06-2016

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  • Cilt lekesi

    Merhaba hocam, ben 24 yaşındayım, kendimi bildiğimden beri penisimin alt kısmı boydan boya 0.5 - 1 cm eninde koyu kahverengi renginde ve doğum lekesine benziyor ama görüntüsü beni çok rahatsız ediyor, bir rahatsız edici yanı yok ama psikolojimi etkileyen bir durum. penis renginin homojen olması için... devamı

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    Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu

    tarihinde cevapladı.

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  • Yüzde 1 ve 2.derece arası alev yanması

    Meraba hocam 2 gün önce yüzüme tüpün alevi vurdu ve hastaneye gitiğimde 1 ve 2.derece yanma var denildi pansuman yapıldı. şimdi ise evde oldugumdan pansuman yapmıyorum furacin isimli bir merhem verildi onu kullanıyorum iz kalmaması için ne yapmam gerekli yardımcı olursanız sevinirim...

    Doktor Cevabı:

    Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu

    tarihinde cevapladı.

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