The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between psychological symptoms and quality of life (QOL) and clinical variables in a cohort of children and adolescents with non-cystic fibrosis (non-CF) bronchiectasis.


Seventy-six patients (aged 8-17years) participated in this study. Questionnaires were used to evaluate the psychological status and QOL of the patients and healthy controls. The patient and control groups were divided into child and adolescent groups to exclude the effect of puberty on psychological status.


No significant difference was found between patient and control groups for mean depression and trait anxiety scores. Only the child-rated physical health QOL scores were significantly lower for patients than the controls. Also, excepting physical health scores in adolescent group, all of the parent-rated QOL scores were significantly lower in both group and total subjects. Regarding determinants of QOL, age of children and FEV1/FVC percent predicted had positive effects, while dyspnea severity and trait anxiety had negative effects, for the sample as a whole.


Non-CF bronchiectasis is associated with poorer QOL in childhood. The impact of the disease on QOL occurs through both clinical and psychological variables.

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