A new perspective on management of open calcaneus fractures.
A new perspective on management of open calcaneus fractures.

Oznur A, Komurcu M, Marangoz S, Tasatan E, Alparslan M, Atesalp AS.

Int Orthop. 2008 Dec;32(6):785-90. Epub 2007 Jun 21.


The treatment protocol of closed calcaneal fractures has been described in the literature extensively. However, treatment of open calcaneal fractures has not been discussed in detail. Various treatment alternatives have been suggested including external fixator, primary subtalar distraction arthrodesis, and partial calcanectomy according to the type of fracture. We have retrospectively reviewed 36 adult patients with 39 open calcaneal fractures who were treated with our new philosophy. Average follow-up time was 9.29 years (range, 1.25-28 years). The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) scoring system was used in functional evaluation. The average score was 77.9 (range, 67-92). All of the patients had limited subtalar movement. We propose an algorithm for the management of open calcaneus fractures, although treatment largely depends on the physical status of the patient, type of the fracture, localisation of the open wound and the surgeon's choice.

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