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Ganglion aspiration request

Hello I have a ganglion on my left arm’s wrist and it began to cause pain in the wrist and arm. I went to a do...

22 Aralık 2021 14:41
Doç. Dr. Hakan Özben

Doç. Dr. Hakan Özben tarafından cevaplandı.

epilepsy checkup price

hey, just wanted to ask if you, your honor, speak english and what is the fee for an epilepsy checkup. best rega...

28 Eylül 2021 12:46
Uzm. Dr. Leyla Babashova

Uzm. Dr. Leyla Babashova tarafından cevaplandı.

a question about being bipolar and staying in Istanbul

Dear Doctor Husamettin Guldogan, I have bipolar disorder and I have been taking Lithium for about 10 years. I am im...

18 Eylül 2021 20:38
Uzm. Dr. Hüsamettin Güldoğan

Uzm. Dr. Hüsamettin Güldoğan tarafından cevaplandı.

FTM top surgery

hello, I would like to get top surgery (double mastectomy) and i was wondering if you could provide that.

22 Ağustos 2021 03:09
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şengezer

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şengezer tarafından cevaplandı.

Tms treatment

Hello do you do tms machine for depression. If you do what is the complete cost.

14 Temmuz 2021 16:05
Uzm. Dr. Hasan Akdemir

Uzm. Dr. Hasan Akdemir tarafından cevaplandı.

Gyncomastia reduction surgery

Hello doctor .. I need to know the techniques you use for gyncomastia reduction in men .. recovery time and what is...

21 Haziran 2021 18:33
Prof. Dr. Ümit Naci Karaçal

Prof. Dr. Ümit Naci Karaçal tarafından cevaplandı.

School project

Hello my daughter is in 6th grade in Istanbul International Community School in Istanbul. She has a project on ment...

20 Nisan 2021 12:51
Uzm. Kl. Psk. Yakup Güntay

Uzm. Kl. Psk. Yakup Güntay tarafından cevaplandı.

initial consultation fee

Dear Dr. Zirh, I called your practice but unfortunately the receptionist didnt speak English and I do not speak T...

19 Nisan 2021 11:50
Doç. Dr. Ali Zırh

Doç. Dr. Ali Zırh tarafından cevaplandı.

Allergies problem

Merhaba , My name is Svetlana Savelyev, For many years I have a problem with allergies. I am 49 years old. ...

10 Şubat 2021 05:47
Dr. A. Aziz Deniz

Dr. A. Aziz Deniz tarafından cevaplandı.

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